Hello! I'm Andy AKA the Shrek Lover

Creative Director, Spectrum Gaming

About Me

I am a 26 year old autistic man, and the founder of Spectrum Gaming :)I came up with the idea while I was sat in a tree in April 2020, and it became a reality a couple of weeks later!Now, I dedicate ALL of my time to Spectrum Gaming, because I am determined to do as much as I can to make sure autistic young people avoid the struggles I, and other autistic adults faced growing up.I am also a safeguarding lead at Spectrum Gaming, so please feel welcome to get in touch if you are worried about yours, or someone else's safety.

Andy, why haven't you replied to my message?

I tend to be online ALMOST all day every day, but this is because there is so much to do! In addition to the online community, I run advocacy projects, apply for funding, attend meetings, run meetups, talk to parents and a lot more.I LOVE talking to SG members, but unfortunately I get too many messages for me to be able to reply to. This means that I do not reply to direct messages unless they are urgent - and I also appreciate not being pinged in servers unless there is an issue.But this isn't personal and I love chatting playing with people whenever I get the chance!Please try not to message saying something like "Andy", "Hi", or "How are you". I tend to not respond to these and prefer to be asked a question in full, then I will respond when I can :)If you message and I don't reply within 24 hours, please message again as it is likely I have missed your message!

I need help!

Being so busy means I am not always available.This means the best way to get help is to make a support ticket in the Spectrum Gaming Discord server.If you describe your issue once you have opened a ticket, a staff will be there to assist as soon as possible.If you struggling, please remember you can:
- Talk to a trusted adult
- Call Childline 0800 1111
- Call Hopeline UK 0800 068 4141
If you are in danger, please call 999.